Why I do not have but still want a proto drake.

They are awesome. Picture yourself  cruising through Stormwind or Org, and Bam there one is. They take up this epic foot print, breath visible, like some feral monster ready to break loose from it’s tether at a moments notice and start eating villagers three at a time. These are the five reasons why I want a Proto-drake

1. They look amazing. As in my a fore mentioned statement they have the look of something truly otherworldly. They step out of the mold in ways that most of what we see in World of Warcraft does not. Perhaps part of this sensation is tied to there limited acquisition.

Blue Proto 2

2. Blizzard has maintained this mount as something difficult to get. In the current age of World Of Warcraft everything has been watered down in level of difficulty and in acquiring items. The Proto-Drake is a testament to the days of yore. The time in W.O.W that existed in which desire did not equal satisfaction.  This is the key reason I have never been able to attain a proto-drake.  There was a time when I could play World of Warcraft whenever I wanted to .  Those days have long gone in my life.  With Work, Family, and all the responsibilities that come with my life there simply is not enough time.  When I had the time to invest during WOTLK I was focused on other things. Now that my time is limited there are things I look and want.  A proto-drake is one of them.

3. I want to look like a boss. I know this is slightly shallow, but there is is none the less. No player can deny when they see another player sitting on a proto-drake.  This may be a driving factor as to why players will spend so much time and energy getting one.  Blizzard does not make it easy or quick.

4. The size of proto-drake is the only true reflection of my real stature in W.O.W I think this point really says it all.


5. Everyone will hate me. I know this sounds like this could be counter the goal of a social game. I would point to all of life really being a competition, and it is not different in a game. I want the best. I want to be the best. But most importantly I want everyone else to know I am the best.

Thanks for stopping by. Till Next time.

Total Mage.


  1. Hey TotalMage, just got your site recommended for me in the WordPress Reader 🙂 I’ve never really looked at these drakes in that way before, but they are growing on me now that I read this, hah. They are very unique in the way they “float” in the air too. Which one do want the most? 🙂


    1. I like the blue one in the game. But I would realistically take any one I could get. In Real Life they only come in black, and you cant leave them unattended around children. Ever! Thanks for following the website! I also post content on You tube Daily if you follow on that website.

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