Grainger Games Closing in UK closing for good.

Grainger Games in the based in the UK closes 67 Store Locations of its 400 employees as of the 29th of this march. This is one of the largest store closures in the video market in some time. The closing of the company came with no warning.  There website shows an image of there logo and nothing more.


Employees in roughly a third or there stores received this email, that was given to staff at eurogamer on the 28th.

“”We regret to inform you that we require you to close your store imminently due to the ongoing issues surrounding the business’s critical financial situation,”

The next morning the Employees of the remaining stores received the same email.  They where instructed to close the stores and start packing the remaining stock up.  This is concerning for many reasons aside from poor management. For the Firm to have moved that badly off and not be salvageable means serious struggles are ahead of the brick and motor operations that are still in the game.

This lead us to the question……..Is the company going to be sold to another player in the market.  While there has been some financial issues with the company over the last several years, there still is a market for there product.  Additionally they still maintained a market share inside the UK that would be worth pursuing by another company.

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Total Mage

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