2018 Video Game hall of fame finalists….

 Video Game Hall Of fame. Finalists have been selected.  The 12 games that are in the running are as follows.

Asteroids: eased by Atari in 1979, the game sold more than 70,000 arcade units. 


Call of Duty:The first-person shooter game drops players into a World War II setting for a blend of action and historic narrative. The game has gone on to sell over 250 copies since its launch. 


Dance Dance Revolution: Released By Konami in 1998, It has been an arcade favorite and has even had some success on Console.  It has also integrated into modern culture as something of a fluke novelty.


Final Fantasy VII: Released in 1997 it was the first game in the series to be in 3D.  It sold over 10 million copies for the playstation.


Half-Life: Released in 1998 it is one of the most loved games made by Valve, and was a huge hit amongst the modding community.


John Madden Football:  Made in 1990 It went on to sell over 100 million copies.


King’s Quest: Released in 1984 the game was well received among PC gamers and went on to spawn 7 more games in the series.


Metroid:  For those SJW out there that say females have not been included in Video Games, this 1986 released game featured a female protagonist; and would go on to spin off a major series of games with a female as the central character.


Minecraft: Released in 2009 this simple game would go on to spawn a massive community online and lead people into a world of endless creative possibilities.


Ms. Pac-Man:  The Follow up to Pac-Man, it went on to become one the Five Best Selling Aracde games in History.


Spacewar!:  Made in 1962 by students at MIT, this game is pointed as one of the sources of video games as we know them in current nomenclature. 


Tomb Raider:  Released in 1996, this game and all the follow ups featured Lara Croft, a female protagonist.  Even with its steep learning curve this game would go to spawn what would appear to be an endless list of games in the series.


The voting for the 3 inductees will end online on the 4th of April.  I have my hopes for Minecraft finding a place where it belongs.  What game do you want to see introduced into the Video Game Hall Of Fame?

Till Next Time: Total Mage

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