Month: March 2018

I Enjoyed Dishonored More On PC!

I tried playing Dishonored when it first came out on my console and it did not happen. I just could not get the movement of the game in sync with a controller. I am not […]

Gamer Weekly Video #7

This will be our 7th straight week in putting out the Gamer Weekly Video on YouTube.  We hope you enjoy it!  

The IOC is full of morons. Gamer Weekly Episode #7

Fortnite Posed to Surpass: Fortnite is going to soon become the most played video game of all time. With the move to playablity on mobile devices in it early beta testing with consumers; the game […]

Top Five N64 Games of All Time!

These are my Top 5 favorite games on the Nintendo 64 platform. What where yours? Zelda Ocarina Of time: (1998) One of the most iconic games of its time and continues to put many RPG […]

Splinter Cell Coming Soon?

We have had our first real news of splinter cell since 2017 E3, at which Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat said some of the old franchises where being looked at for a revisit.  A Reddit miner […]

New Sea Of Thieves Trailer, With Kraken!

The new game Sea of Thieves release s just around the corner.  On March 15th, 2018 Microsoft and Rare games gave another sneak peak at the exciting Xbox 1 exclusive title. The game looks to […]

Monster hunter DLC Coming March 22nd.

Monster Hunter, The game Capcom released this year that has rocked the video game market is getting a large piece of DLC this coming March 22nd.  Capcom Announced in the last couple days that there […]