Microsoft Wants To Beat Twitch, Episode #9

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At the Game Developers Conference In San Fran Last week, Award winning game developer Tracy Fullerton gave her perspective on the direction she feels Video games are heading in the future. While I will mention that I don’t agree with her perspective because of the genre of games she creates, Fullerton is a talented and renowned developer whose opinion garner some attention. From Fullerton’s perspective of watching the next generation of game developers move into the market with a greater emphasis on games with a minimal or no-existent online foot print; this will be the direction that the industry will head in the next ten years.

Tracy Fullerton 1

While Fullerton Can point to the Awards she has won, the poetic justice of her work, and the direction that gamer developer students seem to go after learning under there is one thing missing. Sales. Search online all you want. The sales numbers for this game are not out there. So by all means, tell the consumer that is not buying your product that they all want to really bad, and teach game developers to make games that wont sell. Sounds like that will work out great.


Cosplay Corner: Grelka Loli Cosplayer

From Ukraine she does Video Game and Anime Cosplay. Grelka is starting to see more attention from the US and Japanese markets. She has the potential of becoming cosplay celeb in upcoming years.

Links for Grelkas Facebook in the description below.


Short #1 Video Game Hall Of fame. The current 20118 list of finalists for the video game hall of fame have been announced. I am hoping Mine-craft makes the cut.

Short #2 Xbox Gold Will be Featuring some Awesome Games in the Month of April. The witness, Assassins Creed Syndicate, and several others.

Short #3 Grainger Games in the UK closes 67 Store Locations and looks to be done as a firm. This is one of the largest store closures in the video market in some time. This is concerning for many reasons aside from poor management. For the Firm to have moved that badly off and not be salvageable means serious struggles are ahead of the brick and motor operations that are still in the game.


#3 Lastly Microsoft Mixer Making moves on twitch. I know this seems far fetched and I know tha back in 2016 when Microsoft bought Beam I did not think they had a chance in making up the ground they had lost to Facebook, Twitch, Youtube and other streaming venues. Recently Microsofts platform is seeing a consistent increase in stream and watching on there platform. Some people in the industry are pointing towards the more positive environment, and a little more oversight on Microsoft’s part to make sure that the amount of language and negativity is limited at best. I have tried Twitch a couple times and I am thinking this upcoming week I will hit a stream or two to Mixer and see what I think.

That is all that I found interesting in the world of video games this week. Thanks for stopping by. Till Next time.

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