Gamer Weekly Episode #8

The Issues with the Sea Of Thieves Launch are being Fixed and Developers over at rare have addressed players concerns with 24 hours of launch. They said that connection issues that players are having is due to there underestimation of interest in the game among st other things. Leave it to Microsoft to underestimate the interest In an original IP. LOL Over ! Million Unique Visitors to the Servers in the first 24 hours. We could be looking at the game that will surpass Monster Hunter.


Politicians in Minnesota want to exercise more oversight on funding of academic  projects. After a professor at Michigan State used 3,290 dollars to fund the creation of a video  game that helps raise awareness about why native Americans do not like the building of pipelines.   I really want to say this is bad, but it so funny and the cause is on the money I have to just give it a thumbs up and move on.

EA did something Good. This really have been our top story of the week, but hey its EA.
Karen Stevens who heads up the accessibility department over at EA has recently began working with developers to create video game setting on many of the madden games to guide blind players through the game.  And yes I said Blind Players.  EA has also set up a fully automated website portal to help blind players with game issues they may.  It would appear that after some blind players reached out over a recent change to Madden, EA took them very seriously.

In our Cosplay corner this week we Karolina Sosnowski a polish Cosplayer.
Karolinas work is so varied and high quality that her gender is not discernible when cosplaying as a male protagonist. Check her out on facebook.

And our last story for the week. Siren a facial construction and rendering software that runs on the unreal engine is being Debuted this month at GDC 2018 with Vicon.
Epic games has been working with several companies to create a software program that will capture the animation of an actor in real time and render them into video game animation with amazing detail. This next jump in tech will have a profound affect on the next five years of Video Games.  Thanks for stopping by.  Total Mage

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