Top Five Xbox (Original) Games of All Time.

Welcome to top Five at total mage. Today we will be doing the top five Original Xbox Games. The Xbox created and released by Microsoft in 2001 would be so successful it would eventually drive Nintendo into the number 3 console spot.

#5 Jade Empire
Jade Empire was produced by Bioware. It was originally published exclusively for xbox by Microsoft game studios in 2005 and later released for PC in 2007. Jade Empire was Bioware’s first original IP set in it’s own unique universe. Even with Jade Empire’s amazing graphics and epic storyline it did not fare well with critics and gamers.

#4 Halo 1
Halo Combat Evolved was published in 2001 by Microsoft Game Studios. The developer Bungie made Halo as a launch title for the xbox console; going on to sell five million copies in the first five years. Halo would go on to become a global franchise with multiple games, novels, comic books and live action web series.

#3 Halo2
Halo 2 developed by Bungie studios was released in 2004. Published by Microsoft as an xbox exclusive title, it was the second installment of the Halo franchise. Halo 2 upon release on xbox live went on to change FPS multiplayer expectations: setting a new standard for online interactions. Halo 2 became the most sold game on the original xbox platform.

#2 Fable Lost Chapters
The original Fable game launched in 2004 made by Lionhead studios. It was received with critic and gamer acclaim, but with one complaint focusing around the length of the game. One year later Lionhead studios released Lost Chapters, the full game with additional hours of content, at a greatly reduced price cementing their loyalty from the Fable fan base. Fable went on to spawn multiple games in the series and still maintains a cult following to this day.

#1 Morrowind
Morrowind the third elder scroll originally released 2002 on PC was later released that same year for xbox. Morrowind set the player in a massive open world. The environment created by Bethsada was intensely imaginative, foreign and captivating for the gamer. To this day the modding community around Morrowind remains strong and vibrant maintaining the game to the graphic standards currently available on PC.

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