Rolling Stones Magazine can’t even get the obvious right.

Rolling Stone Magazine publishes an article on blank date about the accuracy of war games. The article takes great apins to point out the obvious point that call of duty is not an accurate representation of real combat is like.

Thank you rolling Stones for letting us know this. We where all wondering if this was true. We have been confused for so many years about the context call of duty.


There most recent article points to video games being 90 times more violent then real combat.  The point of a video game is that it is not real.  You get more then one life.  You get more then one try.  Any person that thinks that somehow what happens on the screen of a computer or console is some how an accurate representation of anything other then the game designers vision should seek professional help ASAP.

As alwasy thanks for stopping by.  Till Next Time.  Total Mage

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