EA S.E.E.D program could change FPS forever

Take the following with a grain of salt as E.A is prone to making big promises, but we could be looking at the program that will change the challenging level of the genre.

This has always been a failing of the genre. Once you learn the mechanics of the game the level of challenge the game represents rapidly decreases.

E.A is trying to create a software platform that will allow NPC’s to learn from playing against you ever growing smarter to the mechanics of the game. This project Dubbed SEED or Search for Extraordinary Experiences , will eventually eliminating the players ability to predict the movement s and behaviors of NPCs.

Recently EA has released Footage of the intelligent learning robots called Pica Pica in a video. We cant wait to see if these results are somethings truly groundbreaking.

Thanks for stopping by. Till next time, Total Mage.

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