We all know that animation as become every more realistic over the last five years. That realism is about to take a massive jump Forward.  With the use of the Unreal engine Epic has been working other industry leaders to create a software that can capture the in real time the movements and expressions of an actor or actress with startling authenticity.  The video below shows just how real this is starting to look.


The level of detail that is being shown in the face, hands, eyes, skin, and hair is grapsing a level of realism that has evaded most programming.  The true break through in the technology is that it will allow that process that used to be done by hand to be speed up significantly.  Game designers will not be hampered with the hours of work it take to create small animation.  These animations will be generated in real time as actor acts the software will render.

Epic has been working along side  CubicMotion, Tencent , 3Lateral, and Vicon and has just recently come out with a demo of the new software.  They will debuting Siren at the GDC 2018 at the Vicon Booth.

Till Next Time.  Total Mage


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