I Enjoyed Dishonored More On PC!

I tried playing Dishonored when it first came out on my console and it did not happen. I just could not get the movement of the game in sync with a controller. I am not some type of Hater when it comes to the console. There are many games that I love playing on the console, and I own every Xbox Console that has been made.


There was something to the way the game needs you to move around in the environment that I just could not seem to mesh with on my Xbox. So many years go by and I had some free time in the end of December 2016. Dishonored the first game was up on a steam sale for 20$ and I thought. For 20$ I can give it another go. I am so glad that I made that decision.  This is one of the first examples of a game being very different depending on what platform you play them on. I have played games on PC and Console my entire life and I have never really seen this sharp of a difference. I have always favored playing FPS on a PC with the exception of Halo. Games have always fallen into Oh this is a PC game, Or this is a console game. This is the first time I had such a different experience with a game from side to side.I had to go back and play the game on console this weekend to validate my perspective.  I had to go back and play the game all the way through on the Xbox, and make sure that this just was not some fluke i had experienced the first 3 levels i played years ago on my Xbox 360.



These are the three main reasons I feel that dishonored is a better game on PC.

1. The kill Mechanisms.

I could never achieve repetitive kills on the console with any sort of finesse. I could hit one or maybe two guards before I was running around or trying to blast my way through the groups of NPC on the console. On the PC I can kill NPC’s so quickly and move on to the next one with out so much as a hiccup.  I know this seems like a slightly odd and perhaps morbid thing to appreciate.  Most of the game centers around killing people or not trying to kill people.  I was talking with a friend on the phone last week and we talked about this very point.  He is one of those players that try to minimize how much impact he has on the game.  He will go out of his way to pains not to kill NPC’s.  I am so the opposite.  Hey if they are the bad guys…….


2. The Graphics are vastly Better. I know this is something that is very common in most game comparisons. It really stood out to me. The graphics where substantially better on the PC.  The sun shafts where incredible in game.  The level of detail that you got while playing through some parts of the game at the start that where simply missed


3. The world seems larger. I know this was a perception issue on my part. It was so much simpler to move around the game and move up on to things and over things in the game while on the PC. The game felt less limited in that sense.  Towards the end of the most recent run through the game on the console I noticed that there where certain non liner ways that I played through on the PC that I was not even Approached on the Console. Run.  I thought that it was odd.  It made the game less in some way.

Either way you play the game it is a great game and I hope that you enjoyed playing it as much as I did. Let me know if you had a similar experience or if you think I am totally off my rocker.

Till Next Time, Total Mage.

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