Top Five N64 Games of All Time!

These are my Top 5 favorite games on the Nintendo 64 platform. What where yours?

Zelda Ocarina Of time: (1998)

One of the most iconic games of its time and continues to put many RPG games developed to shame. With a fully open world, Excellent figh Mechanics, An environment that changed rthe way that you interacted with the world, and so much more, Ocarina of time still holds it place as one of the best video games ever made.

Mario 64

Super Mario 64 was Mario step forward in gaming. With the new camera system, tight controls and a massive open world to interact in this title made the limited library of the Nintendo console on launch seem less of an issue.

Golden Eye

One og the most successful licensed games ever and Rares most successful game. The Multiplayer that was put in at the end of development was to change the way FPS games where played and created from this point on.

Star Fox 64

Notably the best game in the star-fox franchise, It was one fo the first video games to Voice Acted. While even at the time of release the voice acting was mocked. It was stand out aspect of the game still remembered to this day.

Mario Cart 64

The best racing game on the system. This game was such a great game that many companies over the years have tried to copy the success and competitive style.

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