The IOC is full of morons. Gamer Weekly Episode #7

Fortnite Posed to Surpass:

Fortnite is going to soon become the most played video game of all time. With the move to playablity on mobile devices in it early beta testing with consumers; the game will readily be accessible to anyone with a touch screen device. The game will also be played cross platform with mobile and hand held device players squaring off against console and PC gamer’s. While this may seem far out outside the bounds of fair competition, the game industry is trying to make this move a reality. If game makers could create a level playing field between mobile users and PC games (and all that fall between the great chasm that currently exists in the categories) the revenue generating capabilities of a game like Fortnite are endless. They are so great that certain market analyst are growing concerned that this may have a cannibalistic affect on other video games in the market. Which I personally don’t agree with. If games are not competitive then they should loss there market base. Secondly I think that analyst are under estimating the amount of people that want to play video games and the true depth of the market itself.

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Xbox Relevant for years to come:

Phil Spencer Points to Streaming being the Future with a continuing emphasis on the console end of the relationship. In tweets this week Phil Spencer Head of Microsoft Gaming said that yes he can see the console being a integral part of gaming for many years to come. Which is an interesting notion to think about. We all know that Microsoft and really any other game seller in the market would like to move away from physical ownership of products. While there is some money for companies to make in the sale of Hardware the real financial incentive for them is to sell subscriptions like Xbox live, or Gamer pass, or the PSN. This admission by Spencer points to the long term plans of Microsoft to continue to develop Hardware that can function in a stand alone environment. We will have to see if other console makers follow suit.

Phil and Tweet

Sony Holding Up Cross Platform Game Play Of Fortnite:

In a recent tweet at Phil Spencer from a Fan of fortnite showing the desire to have cross platform game play. Spencer replied with a ME2 and Epic Studios replied with a WE3. Sony has remained silent on the matter. There have been countless instances over the lst five years of Microsoft showing a willingness to have cross platform game play with the PSN. Which quite frankly is big of Microsoft considering they have a online service that is not constantly compromised with hackers stealing countless gamers information. I understand why Microsoft wants the cross platform game play. In every instance of game access and Library content the Xbox has consistently lagged behind the PS4. With more Cross platform game play the Xbox becomes more and more appealing to the consumer. This may be the sole point that has Sony continually trying to find reasons to not engage in cross platform connectivity,

In a recent Article on Kotaku a Microsoft representative is quoted…

“Microsoft has long been a leading voice in encouraging the adoption of cross-platform play and the potential of connecting players across PC, mobile and all consoles,” a Microsoft representative said in an email to Kotaku today, when asked to elaborate. “We’ve worked closely with Nintendo to allow cross-network play between Xbox One and Switch and our offer to do the same with PlayStation players still holds. For any other questions regarding ‘Fortnite’ cross-network play between Xbox and PlayStation, please reach out to Epic or Sony directly.”

We all hope that Sony can pull there head out of the sand and realize that while this position may have some short term benefits for them as a company it will only have negative long-term consequences for them moving forward. While Sony may think they could potentially push Microsoft out of the gaming market and take the share for themselves. There are countless other competitors just waiting in the wings to swoop in on a blood fest and steal market share. One only has to think of Google and Amazons overtures to the gaming market and know that Sony would never be able to compete in the market with Nintendo as there sole rival.

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While Microsoft and Xbox need to step up there game library and market presence it has to be conceded that Sony needs to come to table and offer the support to the Game makers and Consumers that is truly not up for negotiations at that point in Video game History.

In our Cosplay Corner this week we are featuring Fenix Fatalist from Kiev Russia. The Daughter of a lawyer and journalist, Fenix Went on to college and then Law school after Completing High school. She had a passion for cosplay and had been cosplaying since she was 15. Her family felt that she would not be able to make a real career out of it. When she finished law school she went to sell her costumes thinking that we as the close in that chapter of her life. When going to sell her cosplay the demand for her work was so high that she went in to the business of costume creation and opened a studio in Russian called FD studio. She now earns more as a professional cosplayer, designer and Actress then she would have earned as a lawyer.

Felix #4

Olympic E-Sports Controversy:
This will be something that we will hear more over the coming months and years. There has been a fairly consent push the 1.5 billion dollar industry surrounding the Competitive Sport of Video Game playing to be included in the Olympics coming to Paris in 2024. There has been interest on the part of the IOC in including e-sports in this coming Olympic competition, but they have made it clear that the majority of games that are popular in the e-sport would not be considered for competition, because the IOC will not tolerate any sort of Violence.
To this I say Are You Joking. I am not advocating that we should included silent hill in the Olympics, but come on. We are talking about not allowing the competition of Dota 2 and Starcraft……

Gamer Weekly 7 Thumb
Should we remind the Olympic committee that if this is the grounds for elimination , fencing most definitely must be removed from the Olympic venues as it is mock fighting with the intent to kill another human being. Which the two aforementioned games do not demonstrate the level of graphic depiction as fencing does. Hockey should most definitely be looked at with its aggressive hitting and potential fighting. We should take a close look at shooting and javelin throwing as they promote the use of weapons. Archery as it promotes the use of a weapon. Boxing, Judo, and Taekwondo all need to be removed from competition as they are directly doing violence to anther person and glorifying the use of force to best one opponent. The same can be said for all forms of wrestling that are included in the Olympics; Wrestling Free Style and Wrestling Greco-Roman. If the IOC seems to think that there position is the correct one then they will need to take a good hard look at the sports that they promote and the impact that such unnecessary violence in an UN-filtered and unrestrained way has on the youth that are watching there events. Perhaps we need to place and age restriction on the Olympics or perhaps we should require them to move to paid cable or another distribution platform to protect the young minds of TV watchers everywhere.
This is all that Caught My attention in the news this week. For my Stimulating News on the Video game industry please subscribe and follow us on YouTube.
Till next time, Total Mage

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