Splinter Cell Coming Soon?

We have had our first real news of splinter cell since 2017 E3, at which Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat said some of the old franchises where being looked at for a revisit.  A Reddit miner found a sku for the game up on the Canadian version of Amazon.

While this could merely be a place holder for a game that Amazon is guessing will come out.  It seems fairly odd that amazon would creating a SKU for something that they have no knowledge of.  With the looming event that is the 2018 E3, we can only hope that Ubisoft has some awesome news for those of us that are fans of the game would love to here.

See the source image

There have been no real rumors of the Franchise since the release of Blacklist in 2013.  In 2016  NeoGAF user Crossing Eden claimed to have information from spending time with Michael Ironside.  Crossing Eden asserts that Michael will  be stepping into the role of Sam Fisher. Quoted by ING back in 2016…..

“Regarding other games, I haven’t been involved with Steep or Wildlands, but I was surprised Splinter Cell didn’t appear at E3. I know Ironside is back. He was in the studio, I said Hi to him and his daughter. He was shooting a movie with Amy Jo Johnson, and I know someone who worked on that set and Ironside confirmed to him he was doing the new Splinter Cell. I know Toronto has the mocap studio for it.I’m hoping to hear or see something unofficial, if not official, this year, but its been hard to get anything beyond ‘It’s Happening’.”


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