Monster hunter DLC Coming March 22nd.

Monster Hunter, The game Capcom released this year that has rocked the video game market is getting a large piece of DLC this coming March 22nd.  Capcom Announced in the last couple days that there will be a major patch coming to the game.  While there have been several hot fixes to the game in the last couple weeks since release  this will be the first major balance of weapons systems.  Additionally there will new monsters (Deviljho)added and new craftable armor sets introduced. 

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This DLC from Capcom will be free!  On top of the new monster and craftable amour sets there will be a new weapon in each weapon category.  These new weapons will also come with a large balancing of the existing weapons in the game.  Details on the weapons balance below.

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Lastly there have been some issue with players complaining about “griefing.  Griefing is where a player is prevented from carving by their teammates, which in turn removes there reward from killing the monster.  This update will solve this problem by making the player carving immune to any hits or actions while in the carving animation thus making you immune when carving.

Some of the tweaks and changes the combat systems:

1. Great Sword, increased the damage for Charged Slash abilities.

2. Gunlance, scaled down sharpness loss for shelling,  some attack power increases.

3. Long Sword, changes to Foresight Slash input timing and hitbox detection.

4.  Insect Glaive, changes to the extract attack power increase and extract the effect length.

5.  Sword & Shield, Roundslash damage increased and improved slinger usability.

6.  Dual Blades, adjustments to help maintain Demon Gauge active.

7.  Hammer, adjusted the stun values on charged attacks.

8.  Hunting Horn,   general attack power increase.

9.  Lance, Counter-thrust adjustment to increase ease of use.

10.  Charge Blade, changes to Impact Phial and Power Element Phial.

11.  Switch Axe, Zero Sum Discharge adjustments to increase ease of use.

12.  Bow, small issues addressed and mild tweaks.

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