Gamer Weekly Episode #5

In the news this week we will cover President Trump trying to Scapegoat Video Games, Hezbollah and there use of FPS to recruit, Moronic Judge in Illinois,  and this week in our Feature Cosplay Corner  we have Anastasya Zelenove.

The first thing  we have to talk about is President Trump and his recent weigh in on video game violence.  Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee announce this upcoming week president Trump  is inviting different Video Game Developers and Executives to the White House to  discuss Violence in video games.

This Wednesday during a bipartisan discussion with lawmakers President Trump is quoted as saying.

“It’s so incredible. I get to see things that you wouldn’t be—you would be amazed at. I have a very young son who I look at some of the things he’s watching and I say, ‘How is that possible?'”


I do not know President trump.  You are the leader of the free world.  My parents were able to decide what was appropriate for their children, and they weren’t billionaire leaders of the United States.  I truly question how someone who campaigned on Government getting out of people’s lives; is now looking for government censorship to help raise his own child.


One can find studies to back up any side of the issue.  If we take into account the majority of studies recently done with excellent data sets they all point to video games not being a contributor to violence in youth.   I know this may be a stretch for the president but perhaps he should do some homework before he starts talking about issues and drawing un-relatable correlations.

Judeg Anderson

In Illinois Judge Robert Anderson Ordered a Lake Park High school Student to not play any violent video games going forward.  The youth has been accused of making a threat on Social Media site snap chat

“Y’all need to shut up about school shooting or I’ll do one”

According to the Chicago Tribune the police responded to a complaint from a fellow student and arrested the 16 year old student.  When they searched his home they found no weapons.  The accused student’s lawyer stated “He meant it as a joke”

Perhaps instead of a video game restriction, the judge should have ordered the student to some classes on social propriety.


In our Cosplay Corner this week we are Featuring Anastasya Zelenove. Anastasya Zelenova is an actress, known for Gamedustry (2012), Battlefield 1: The Mannequin Challenge (2016) and Thunder News (2017).  This Russian Cosplayer Is already becoming quite well known for some awesome work.  Check her out on facebook or Instagram.  Links as always in the description below.


Hezbollah Held a ceremony in Beirut Lebanon on Wednesday to announce the release of their new Video game  Sacred Defense – protecting the homeland and holy sites.  Hassan Allam one of the Developers was quoted by AFP saying the game is “a reflection of Hezbollah’s experience in Syria.”


The game is being used as a recruiting tool for the terrorist origination, and has the player fighting through urban environments fighting against ISIS.   It is nice to see that other organizations are starting to use the same tactic the western countries have been using for the past ten years with the Call Of duty Franchise.  I am sure if there are many other marketing scams this terrorist organization can come up with to lure young men into a life of violence.  All they really need to do is show them pictures of the Kurdish Army.

Kurdhis Solider 2

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