Month: February 2018

Fable, The Game I Lost A Job Over.

Thanks for reading.  Please feel free to Comment, like and Follow for more heavily biased thought provoking perspectives here at Totalmage. I purchased my original Xbox in October of 2004. I know, I know. I […]

World of Warcraft Patch 7.3.5 #Blizzard

I know I am writing a little late in the game on this patch release.  I wanted to see what had triggered this avalanche of complaining on line through my own experience.  I do not […]

I Miss The Social Aspect Of Gaming!

I still remember to this day picking up the rocket launcher in Halo 2 on the Zanzibar map. I picked it up and looked over the edge of the ledge I was standing on. The […]

Gamer Weekly #1

*If you enjoy My content please like and follow to help support the website.  Thanks. Rumors swirled this week that Microsoft may be looking to acquire a Publisher like EA or Valve. Reported this week […]