Why I still Play Elder Scrolls Online.

Elder Scrolls Online is still a thing right? I still play it, and some days while infrequently I wonder why I continue to play. I believe there are two reasons why I still enjoy Elder Scrolls Online. Please do not misunderstand the writer Elder Scrolls Online will never surpass the splendid perfection that is World of Warcraft. There are however things that Elder Scrolls Online offers that World of Warcraft will never be able to offer this subscriber.


I think we all know that the sixth Elder Scroll is very very far off, and it’s delivery to the avid Elder Scrolls fanboy and fangirl hanging out on the corner of every America just waiting for that E3 announcement that the sixth Elder Scroll it’s on its way to a Best Buy near you is long in coming.  Elder Scrolls Online in many ways is an avenue for my continued experience in the ever-growing world that is Tamriel. It is a channel for me to continue to engage in new interactions inside a franchise that I have loved for over a decade. I know many people will read this and ponder that the Elder Scrolls Online has been out so long how can you continue to be experiencing new content. Quite frankly Elder Scrolls Online is not the primary focus of my gaming time. World of Warcraft is and most certainly for the foreseeable future will continue to be where I invest the vast majority of my time. That being said, when I’m in the mood for something of a similar genre to Skyrim but don’t want to continue to play content that so recently I have overplayed.  Elder Scrolls Online offers a very simple, smooth, and graphically pleasing Elder Scroll experience.


The second reason that I know I continue to play Elder Scrolls Online is one word, Morrowind. This game was an obsession of mine for a very long time. It is the quintessential definition in my opinion of what an open World sandbox RPG should be. In my opinion Morrowind is one of the top 5 video games ever made. It holds a place in the pantheon of video game experiences in my world that is matched only with the likes of Halo 2, Fable, World of Warcraft, and the Ocarina of Time. So when the opportunity came to play a new revamped Morrowind, at a time in the past before so much devastation have been ravaged upon the island of Vvardenfell; I almost wet myselfI love Morrowind to such a degree that I have continued to play it reliving the experience time and time and time again for over a decade. The experience of playing Morrowind in the setting of Elder Scrolls Online has been one of the great redeeming factors of  Bethsades decision to create the MMORPG experience inside of the Elder Scrolls universe.


I  have enjoyed every moment of Morrowind online that I have played. To be fair to the MMO experience I have played Elder Scrolls Online as a solo player, I have intentionally tried to make  the Elder Scrolls Online experience a standalone one similar to  Skyrim or Oblivion.  I have not tried to engage in the community, and from the very beginning when I bought the game upon release I had almost no intention of engaging in the community. I knew when they announced this game that I would play it.  I also knew I would play it in the way that I wanted to play it and not in the way that it was meant to be played. Because of this there are things that I have not experienced to the fullest inside of the Elder Scrolls Online universe. I also feel that because of the manner that I approached Elder Scrolls Online I in turn received a unique and to some varying degree different experience.


One of the reasons why so many MMOs have not been able to get off the ground playing against World of Warcraft over the last 10 years is because the player base continues to go to these new games Rift, Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars, and so on. The Players continue to look for an experienced do you like World of Warcraft but that is better than World of Warcraft. Now this is something that is applicable and so many things that we consume in society. This idea that I drive a Mercedes-Benz, but I would like a better driving experience so I’m going to go in  an test an Audi. Video games are not like cars, houses, etcetera, etcetera, and etcetera. Video games are a creation of Art and they’re always unique unto themselves.  This flaw in how we consume this art form is something that I am very guilty of as well.


If we continue to look for World of Warcraft in every MMO we experience we will continue to see a string of failed MMOs stretching onto the horizon as far as the video game universe can see. We should begin to look at evaluating the new MMOs and the current MMOs that come out with the saying keen sense of imagination and newness that we saw World of Warcraft with when it released all those years ago.

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