Politics Behind Our Screens.

So I often I forget that there is bias in the media I consume.  There is bias in this article being read right now.  I watch movies, read books, play video games, watch video’s on YouTube/Facebook, and listen to music every day without a second thought about the motivation of the people that are creating the content.  I assume on some sub-conscious level that all media is produced for two reasons.

  1. The love of the art form.
  2. The love of money.

While both of these motivations are present in almost all media there is a third motive that can come in to play often if not always in an intentional or unintentional way.  The message that is laced inside the media akin to vanilla inside chocolate chips cookies.   You cannot see it, and typically you cannot discern that you taste it.  It is never the less almost always there.  The flavor shades the context of the cookie, and changes all of the other components in small and large ways.  To the outside cookie observer; the vanilla seems so inconsequential to the whole.   The large movements of chips, coconut, and dare I hope walnuts seems to be the megalithic forces moving the structure.

Our media is similar in almost all respects.  The sexy on the screen, the smooth flowing words of the writer, the effortless sound of the human voice interlaced with pitch perfect instrumentals, the funny guy or gal on YouTube that flashes across your screen for 3 minutes are the veneer lain down to cover the work, pain, sweat, and thought that goes into the effortless appearance of the production.  Almost all movies now come equipped with a behind scenes, or making of feature.  This somehow is supposed to transport the viewer into the feet of the people that crafted the content.  It is meant to make the consumer believe that they have seen what is really going on.  That viewer has been brought in to the inner sanctuary of the creative process.  The truth about the behind the scenes…. It just another layer of veneer meant to fool you further into to believing you understand the meaning.


I don’t point to this example as some sort of the big bad wolf scenario.  I point to it because I think it is the quintessential example of the creator’s unwillingness to reveal motive, or there lack of awareness to see their own motivation. I think that most creative people are partially aware of what they are allowing to shade into their art form.  I think there is another portion of most artists’ psyche that is blacked out to them.  This is the place where the things that we don’t like about ourselves or that we don’t like to admit about ourselves dwell.  The things that make us deeply uncomfortable and vulnerable when they are revealed.   Why do we hide this from those around us?   Many artists will tell you that this is where they draw their greatest inspiration; the place that their true art lives.  I think most of them fail to dig and expose the true inner self.  The self we let out in our therapist’s office that no one else could and will never know about.  The one that has the truth that all others would think is ugly and revolting.


Most days I can make out the small attempts to sway me in one direction or another.  I spot them even when the creator is trying to hide them from me.  The things that are deep and dark that affect the creation in unintended ways and bleed onto the consumer incrementally, those are missed.  I know they missed because I rarely see them until after their emotion has acted out on me.


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