Why I Love Wrath of The Litch King.

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Wrath was when I first starting playing World of Warcraft.  I know there is part of me that loves this expansion because it was the first time I experienced W.O.W.  There is more to it then it being the first time I went to storm wind.  The first time I ran a dungeon.  The First raid I entered, the first toon i capped, the first mount i bought, the first flying mount i bought.  There are so many first moments in WOTLK for me as there are for every player from Vanilla to Legion.  It dose not matter which expansion you starting playing W.O.W during it will always have a certain place in your heart.  Placing this sentimental note on the shelf there are some points to made as to why I feel that WOTLK was the pinnacle of game play experience up to this point.

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#1 Wrath was still the world we started with.  I can think of no one i play with that feels that Cata was a good move on blizzards part.  The world was changed in ways that should be undone.  After the Event that changed Azeroth things never fully came back to normalcy.  There are still zones you go through that are struggling to overcome this event like it was yesterday and it was forever ago.  The content just feels so out of date.  After the event there was nothing normal about the time line in the world any more.


#2  The Story was awesome.  This is something that has been lacking 3 of the last 4 expansion.  I will say that legion steered back in the right direction on this one.  The story in wrath was seamless in it integration to the existing story of Vanilla and B.C.  Not only did it feel like a perfect fit into the narrative that is W.O.W, it also  was an awesome story in it own right.  you are traveling to The frozen North to battle hordes of undead zombies and there master atop his massive fortress for the fate of all living beings in Azeroth.  That sounds like the start of a great story, and so it was.


#3 ICC and raiding as a whole was balanced, properly tiered, and Large in content.  Raiding in this Xpac was amazing.  There was such a large amount foo raiding available to the player, and it was released on such a frequent basis.  We have not seen the volume of raids releases since.  ICC in itself was such an excellent raid.  The Variety of interaction environments, and the style of each boss was unique.  Blizzard maintained Raiding as a challenge and did not nerf the instances until the net tier came out.  If a player could complete a current tier of raiding during WOTLK even on normal that was saying something about the players skill.  When we move in to Cata we began to see the start of the everyone should be a winner raiding process. Which I completely disagree with.  Competition is everything in life.  That is true of World of Warcraft.  Players need to have something to strive for.   There has to be a challenge that is not wrapped up in you must grind out this meaningless chore for the next 300 hours to get this item.  I get that grinding is part of the deal.  I understand that there is a certain amount that needs to be there.  I do not understand how we to many players do not currently have the skill set to raid.  To everyone should have the chance to experience it.  I think this has something to do with the decline of Point number four.

Litch King Down

#4 The subscriber-ship was at it all time high of 12 million during WOTLK.  I know this is something that Blizzard is looking at. The player base was higher and you could feel it on most servers.  There was also more content created outside of the game for the game and it was higher quality volume.  The dropping World of Warcraft Subscriptions have had an adverse affect on the perihelia market.  It is harder to find things, and they are more costly.  I also feel that when the player was at its peak Blizzard was focusing at what it does best.  Make and grow and awesome gaming environment.  When the player base began to drop was when Blizzard started to pander to the gamers.  As in any movement of people the activists and loud voices in the rooms are always the most extreme and irrelevant to what the middle actually wants.


#5 The game was challenging, and yet simple and mostly straight forward.  Since then it has become every intricate and created every more growing time obstacles to playing it at end content level.  Moving into Cata we began to see news grinds introduced.  Archeology, MOP Rep grinding, Warlords and the Garrison, Legion and the AP. I remember a time when rep was something you worked on while leveling and then whatever raid tier you where in you might grind for that.  You had to grind for badges for gear and dailies for professions.  It has felt to me that every since Cata blizzard has been trying to introduce every more growing amounts of work for you to do in order to stay at the top of the curve.  I miss the good old day.  #makeworldofwarcraftgreatagain

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