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What is wrong with EA?

As I have watched EA slowly grow into this monster that now we cannot ignore, or kill; I wonder how did this all start?  I remember as most people the total train wreck that was the mass effect 3 launch.   No they were not feverishly working on the DLC like Santa’s elves the night before Christmas.  They had completed a finished  game, and then had the gall to carve out story line and characters as DLC the day that they launched the title.  For shame for shame.

EA fg

After EA had been called out for their entirely out of line launch of an IP, they seemed to say okay we got greedy, It will not happen again.  Yet over the years we continue to see EA behave in similar if not even worse ways.  Then we all watch as the community engages in calling out the behavior.  We watch EA slowly respond and give halfhearted sometimes even misleading patches to their obvious money grubbing approach to every transaction they have with the market. Below are my top four reasons EA is evil.

  1. EA lacks any degree of creativity. They have consistently over the last decade continued to rehash the same IP’s with new skins and new shiny objects.  They have continued to deliver less original content to the gamer.  They have consistently fought back against poor reviews and criticism, instead of double down and working hard to produce better content.  When ever EA needs to add to it’s list of IP’s they simply go out and buy one that already exists.
  2. Buying out the sports gaming world.  This point could be less EA’s Fault and more the inevitable progression of gaming and large corporate branding.  EA has negotiated with several of the large sporting organization’s to effectively kill off any real competition in the Sports video game market.  While titles like FIFA and Madden are some of the bestselling titles of all time, they also enjoy the largest market share of consumers.  They also have a low bar for innovation and recreation every year.  They can simple crank out a slightly modified game every year at low cost and charge 60 $ for it every time.  Since no one in the market can compete they have no reason to strive for improvement.  To be fair who can really blame EA.  The gamer with a slightly under developed frontal lobe is the primary market purchasing force behind both of the afore mentioned titles.
  3. Pure money shake down insanity.  This is a list that could go on forever.  If EA where a kid and life was a playground they would have no friends, only scared lackeys.    With a gross profit margin moving from the low 50% to the low 80% in the last ten  years, and 2018 looking to push 3 billion in “extra game content purchasing revenue”  I scratch my head.  How can “Extra Game Content” be projected to almost match product revenue?  With Product Revenue hitting 3.25 billion and service revenue hitting a little over 3 billion at over 80% gross profit margins I ask again.  What is EA giving us?  They should just become an FTP\PTW and get it over with.dr_evil_is_ea_games_ceo_by_h311man-d7hvats
  4. EA has minimal to no respect for their consumer.  They have proven to us time and time again that they simply do not care what we think.  That we are not smart enough to figure out what they are doing.  That we lack the basic math skills to understand how they are ripping us off.  Another excellent example is the  Star Wars Battlefront 2 greedy mess.  Most of the major hero’s from the Star Wars universe where not playable on release.  Unless you wanted to buy credits to unlock them, Or you could grind out  hours of achievement work in game to unlock 1 hero character at a time.  For instance if you wanted to play as some inconsequential character like Darth Vader;  it is estimated that even after the reduction by EA in the credit cost of unlocking Vader, it will take 15 hours of game play.  Originally the amount of game play was slated to be over 40 hours.  While EA claims that you cannot buy credits with real money.  You can buy crystal, which you can use to buy loot crates in game.  Loot crates give you credits directly or they give you items you can trade for credits.  So Yeah EA your right.  This is all about the gaming experience being a satisfying one. Nope you cannot buy credits in game with real life money.  You can buy this crystal that buys this crate that gives you credits in game.  Ohhhhh, this was a small over site on your part.  Yup and EA accidentally fell right into the back pocket my wallet is in.66852-evilarts

If I ran a company that took your dollar and then gave you back 27 cents worth of service and or products what would you think?  At some point someone is getting screwed over.  Albeit the workers all the time, most of the times it is the gamers as well.  EA executives just need to come out and admit that they need the money to buy black market babies.  Why babies you ask?  EA has a secret baby tear factory in panama.  They force babies to cry all day long and harvest there salty tears or anguish.  They then refine the tears into the fuel needed to feed the gate.  When the gate is opened they will be able to summon their Demonic Overlords into our realm and enslave all of humanity.  And we will be forced to play madden games for the rest of eternity while chanting the entire time,  Yes there is an amazing difference between 2010 and 2011.

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