Gamer Weekly #3

This week in gaming news Rumors began circulating in the last ten days that Google may be trying to break into the video game market.  The code name for the project “yeti” has been in the works for several years sources at Google have leaked.  It was slated to start streaming a rent video game library last year.  Since we all know that has not happened, who knows if this recent rumor is just that rumor.  At this point Google could have moved on from the project due to the limitations of streaming the amount of Data needed for large title games which dominate the current game culture.


King College London Institute of Psychiatry has released a study showing video games can help treat paranoid schizophrenics.    Participants in the study played a video game while having an MRI ran.  After four or more treatments the Participants showed a reduction in activity in the part of the brain that contributes to hallucinations.    Participant’s showed similar results in diminished brain activity as patient’s that had been on medication for years.


Loot boxes are being legislated in Hawaii similar to the laws in china.  Two bills are coming up for the vote in Hawaii that would have a substantial impact on EA and Activision.  The first bill that has been introduced into the Hawaii state legislature affect loots boxes firstly, by requiring the exact contents of the loot boxes and the drop percentages of the items to be listed for the game.  The publisher also has to disclose that the game will have loot boxes prior to the sale of the game.  The second piece of legislation will make it illegal to sell the game or perform a transaction with someone that is under the age of 21. Needless to say this has several of the large publishers concerned for the revenue stream.  Chris lee Rep. and other members of the Hawaii legislation and senate that created the bills are assist several other states with creating their own similar legislation.


Bioware has moved the majority of its staff onto the project Anthem.  There single person FPS shooter that they would like to competition the big dog Actitvsion’s destiny.  Back in 2007 EA bought Bioware and expanded it from one office to four.  With the slower than expected performance of some of the IP’s that Bioware is known for some of the studios have been absorbed into Studio EA Motive.  With this push from Bioware coming off of the 2017 E3 announcement of the new stand alone IP, there seems to be mounting pressure to have the produced completed and on the market before the close of the 1st quarter of 2019.  The game was announced with a fall 2018 release in mind.  Developers at Bioware said that this goal was simply over ambitious.


During Black History month is seems only fitting to talk about the God Father Of Video game.  The man few even know about and even less acknowledge his contribution.  Gerald Lawson who worked at Fairchild semiconductor as there Chief of Hardware Engineer and director of engineering and marketing for Fairchild’s video game division. Gerald Lawson created the Cartridge so game libraries could be a thing.  This single innovation spawned the rapid growth in the industry and greatly reduced the price. Gerald Lawson rubbed shoulders with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.  It seems fitting to recognize Gerald Lawson’s under represented contributions to the mutli-billion dollar worldwide industry he helped cultivate in it’s infancy.



In the Cosplay Corner I am featuring Cassie Fray Cosplay.  When I ran across her work I was surprised I had never seen her before.  Cassie has done some amazing cosplay over the last three years.  

Cassie Fray Collage

You can find this amazing Cosplayer.  You can find her @cassiefraycosplay and also on youtube.

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