Donald Trump Loves COD/Hates Halo.

I know this may touch some immature, vulnerable, emotionally stunted gamer who cannot work off anything other than feelings, but Halo is better than C.O.D. I want to start this article with a disclaimer.

* These are my opinions. They are not facts. If you disagree please keep that in mind.

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#1 the first point I will make comes from something C.O.D players make themselves. “it is more realistic “. If anyone out there playing C.O.D thinks that C.O.D is somehow an accurate representation of actual combat they should have your head looked at. Nothing about a video game resembles actual combat. Here is a list of reasons why FPS video games are not realistic in this context.

• There is no re-spawn in IRL combat. When you die you dead.

• Ammo is not something you pick up off of fallen enemies you just killed.

• No one moves that fast all the time.

• 99.999999 9% of the time knife loses to gun.

• No one would ever trash-talk your mother in the middle of a combat scenario.

• A tactical nuke is not a real thing. Unless of course you’re Donald Trump.

• No one in real Combat tries to no scope an enemy combatant.

I’m by no means saying this is a definitive list, but I feel it illustrates the stupidity of the argument. My perception of a video games primary goal, is to achieve some degree of immersion into the art form the designer is creating. That being said having a realistic experience of shooting someone in the face at a range of 3 ft or walking up and stabbing them in the back should be something we strive to not have realism in.

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#2 Game Mechanics. The fluidity of Halo is seamless in comparison to the jumpy and often blurred movement you encounter in the C.O.D franchise. I want to harp and harp and harp on this point Halo has a movement that is unique unto itself. There’s a manner in which you move and respond inside the Halo game which is intrinsically different. The movement in Halo is similar to the motion of ballet in my opinion smooth and effortless. Inversely C.O.D feels like a machine in a line of machines. The movements and responses are dogmatic and dry.

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#3. It is more creative and therefore more engaging. I know you can craft a form of art out of something or a setting you already know about or have experienced. Something that is based on facts historical or present. Inversely you can design something from scratch. People, places, and things that do not exist. A whole universe waiting for you to envision and then describe in a visual and audio art form. I would argue that the second form of creation allows for a greater display of creativity and a higher form of the art itself.

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#4 the player base is better on the whole. This is an anecdotal point (as is this whole article). Players on Halo tend to be of an older more mature demographic. They tend to understand that the game that they are partaking in is something based outside of reality. They have not confused what is happening on the screen with their own life. Something that cannot be said for most Avid C.O.D players.

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#5 killstreaks! I am not currently, nor ever have been, and hopefully never will be a person that thinks showing up deserves the same reward as skill. If C.O.D player’s truly believe the first point “that it is more realistic” they themselves would be outraged by something as infantile and sophomoric as killstreaks.

In closing I know if any avid C.O.D players are still reading this they probably want to Merc me. It is okay. You can always find me online playing Halo:-)

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