Gamer Weekly #2

In net Neutrality news a report issued by the FCC points to the repeal of the Obama era net neutrality rules as being good for the development of broadband internet access for consumers.  Since the lifting of the net neutral regulation four new large scale broadband projects have been announced.  When you look at the full report issued by the FCC a different picture begins to develop. Three of the four projects noted in the press release had been planned and funded by the Obama administration or by the FCC prior to the takeover of the trump administration.  Additionally three of these projects had been planned and funded before the regulations where repealed.  The fourth project the FCC chairman Ajit Pai points to as progress in the right direction of broadband access developing for rural users was funded by a 428 million dollar package from the FCC in 2015, and by the time Trump Administration took office AT&T had provided broadband internet to 40% of the rural 1.1 million users targeted.  Coincidentally Ajit Pai worked for Verizon as Assistant General Counsel from 2001 to 2003, at which point he went to work in the federal government.  Starting in 2007 he began holding key positions at the FCC, and with his appointment to the Position of Chairman and the following decision in the area of Net Neutrality one would question his motives and allegiance to the American People.

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The Delay yet again of Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced early this week, with a new release has been date slated for the fall of 2018.  Red Dead Redemption; Published by rock star games is making publishers increasingly reluctant to launch an IP next to a projected triple AAA title.  The IP was originally slated for a release in late 2017, and then was pushed back to spring of 2018.  Rockstar came out this week with a date late in October for both PS4 and Xbox 1.  Leaked documents to Trusted Reviews shed light on the upcoming IP’s Single Player, Multiplayer, First Person, and Battle royal modes of the game.  Trusted said they have had the information since august of 2017, but since there was no outside confirmation of the information they opted to sit on the leak until now.

red dead 2

Information was leaked about upcoming Call of Duty Release and Game Play Style.   Marcus Sellars Said on Twitter.

“COD 2018 is Black Ops 4 and is coming to PS4/Xbox/PC/Switch. It is set in the modern times and is boots on the ground. The Switch version will support DLC, HD Rumble and motion controls. The Switch version is also being ported by a company which is familiar with COD games”.

Activsion rotates which developer works on each COD game.  With the next developer being Treyarch the speculation of the next COD game being black ops would make entire sense.  Treyarch has been the developer that worked on all the COD black ops games to date.  While Marcus Sellars had been a source for large title leaks, this current leak would seem to be more educated speculation then confirmable intel.


The Metroid Prime Four and LinkedIn Speculation.  Namco workers with Lucas studio backgrounds have been discovered to have unnamed projects listed on their profiles.  This information that they are working on an exclusive untitled project for switch hints at being the next Metroid.  Since E3 Last year with Nintendo’s Announcement that Metroid prime four is in production fans have been clamoring to know which studio is working on the iconic IP.  This recent digging into the profiles of Game Developers at Namco seems to be the most tangible proof we have of the IP being currently worked on.


The World Health Organization recently Classed video games as health a hazarded.  The world Health Origination has included video games in there diagnostic manual the International Classification of Diseases, with a pending review of making it a permanent dieses or behavioral disorder.  There have been many cases over the last decade of people acting out in obsessive ways and killing people over an interruption to their gaming experience. Many Game developers and publishers for obvious reason have lashed out at the prospect of video gaming as a mental health disorder or addictive behavior.

videogame addiction

That is all the news this week that caught my attention.  Let me know what you though in the comments below, and please like and subscribe to our Site.  Until next week.

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