Fable, The Game I Lost A Job Over.

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I purchased my original Xbox in October of 2004. I know, I know. I was truly lagging behind the times. I had a lot going on, and had taken a small hiatus from gaming on a regular basis. When I walked into the Target Store in downtown Minneapolis I asked the guy working the electronic department what second game I should buy in addition to Halo 2. This new game Fable seems to be a big hit. When I got home that afternoon I setup up my box, and opened the Fable game. I thought, what the heck I will put it in and see what it looks like. Thinking I would settle in for a couple hours of Halo 2 campaign mode after a quick glance at this IP. I could not have been more wrong.

Cover Art

16 perfect hours later I came out of a video game induced coma the likes I had never been in our have been in since. The entire experience was like a dream. The artwork in the game was amazing. I am sure there other games in this time period that produced some amazing art. This was the first time I realized as I played through a game that what was on the screen was a form or artwork. To this day when I think of the story line of the first Fable it isn’t something that I think of in the 3rd person. As if it was a memory I had of something I had lived in the game. The environment that they created the world in was the first time I felt immersed. I have achieved immersion with games since then. This instance of immersion would be the most intense. Which bring me to a side point in this story. I ponder to myself, did I get high of the this gaming experience in the fall of 2004? Is all I am doing since then when I play a game is searching for that high I achieved in the first telling of the Fable tale. I am not advocating to the currently trending idea that I and many others suffer from an addiction to Video Games. Ha! I do not doubt that there are some out there that may be in that predicament. I am fortunately not, or is that what someone who is an addict would say…………..


I had started playing the game around 4pm. I had finished at 8am the next morning. The issue with this time line was I was due in at the hotel I worked at for the first shift. (That would be 6am for all you non- working people) I headed into work hoping for the best. I walked in and General Manager was in my department doing my job. He looked at me and said, “What are you doing here? Go home”


So I went home. Looking back on this moment I realize now that he wasn’t allowed to fire me in such a manner as the hotel was union and I had never done anything wrong in the year that I had been working there to warrant any disciplinary action. I left because I knew I was in the wrong. I had let down the team. So I went home with my tale between my legs. After a long, warm, and delicious nap I started the Fable experience all over again.

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