World of Warcraft Patch 7.3.5 #Blizzard

I know I am writing a little late in the game on this patch release.  I wanted to see what had triggered this avalanche of complaining on line through my own experience.  I do not have as much time as I would like to play World of Warcraft, and so my opinion came at a slightly slower pace than that of others.


Blizzard makes decisions from time to time that I entirely disagree with.  My own impression with the new leveling system is quite the reverse.  I offer you three reasons why I feel this is a better system of leveling.


#1 it creates better players.  I am so tired of being online with World of Warcraft players in RBG’s, RDF, PUG raids, or Raid Finder that cannot perform half of the mechanics correctly.  A large portion of this issue stems from not making them learn how mechanics work in low level Dungeons and Groups.  More importantly what the toon they are playing on needs to be doing to help in any given situation based on class.  I am not and never will be one of those players that complain in group about others performance.  I make the best of whatever situation I am playing in and leave it at that.  There are however players in groups that will not hold back laying into other players they do not feel are holding their own.  In my opinion these are the same players that are whining about the new leveling system.


#2 it makes players do what they are truly supposed to be doing when playing World of Warcraft.  That would be playing the game.  I know it sounds like this totally of the wall idea that players have to go out into the world and experience all the quests and zones.  When they go into five man dungeons they are no longer able to roll through using there keyboards as a surface to lick chocolate sauce off of.  That is literally the amount of skill and keyboard work it would a take a player to go through stockades pre Patch 7.3.5.  Now players must try to not die.  We now have to pay attention to our surroundings, and pick the fights we get into with a little more care.  The players that are complaining that this is too much work have three options. 1) Buy a level up and skip the process. 2) Stop being Lazy and play the game 3) go play never winter where everything is an OP cake walk.  There is a group of people with one valid complaint on this score.

 “I am a casual gamer.  I don’t have the time it takes to level at this rate and be able to end content raid. “

I know what these feels like.  I work a full time management Job with a Fortune 500; I am married, and have a son.  I have a full life, and I am unable to set aside as much time as I would prefer to play World of Warcraft.  My solution to this is as follows.  IF you do not have the time to play World of Warcraft like me 1) Pay for the Leveling 2) Work on redefining what you want and expect from the game.  I am no longer Raid competitive on my server.  I am not a serious player because I do not have the time.  I used to have 5 max level toon’s, with maxed out gear in whatever tier was current.  I no longer have the time to have one tricked out toon.  I have found ways to enjoy the game that are different then before and require less time.  The difference in now and then is the amount of time you have to invest.  The responsibility of my time management is not blizzards concern.


#3 we all know that Blizzard has to always be finding ways to increase their revenue stream.  Activision is a company like any other.  They have shareholders, and employees that they have to provide for.  Blizzard has yet to create a micro transaction that is Pay to win.  Everything in the game that gives a toon power is available to be earned.  There are many truly classic, current, and undisputed examples of pay to win M.M.O.R.P.G.S.  Never winter, Black Dessert, Or Ever Quest to name a few.  I would speculate that Blizzard sees this as simply a way of making better players while appealing to players that don’t want to spend the time leveling.  As long as Blizzard continues to find ways to increase their revenue without changing the balance of the game I am all for it.


In closing I have seen most of the World of Warcraft community happy with this change.  The loud voices complain are just a select group of players that will never be happy.  They could be given GM level power in raids, and they would still complain that it  took too long.  Thanks for reading.  Feel free to comment, like, and/or follow.


Total Mage

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