Gamer Weekly #1

*If you enjoy My content please like and follow to help support the website.  Thanks. Rumors swirled this week that Microsoft may be looking to acquire a Publisher like EA or Valve. Reported this week by Forbes; Rumors abound the internet that Microsoft is posed to buy EA, which is currently capitalized at 35 Billion us.  With Microsoft consistently lagging behind Sony in game exclusivity and game titles; Spending 35 Billion of their 130 Billion in cash reserves seems like it could be a good move. Console Hardware sales numbers while unconfirmed by Microsoft look to be 50%-25% below the Sony’s PS4 sales depending on which source you pull from. Phil Spencer recently promoted vice president of gaming at Microsoft has the task of increasing content competition squarely on his plate.  With over 15 years of Executive Game Management Experience at Microsoft he would appear to be the best selection to address the growing gap between Xbox 1 and PS4 In other Microsoft News The Xbox game pass was Announced last week, and is receiving blow back from brick and mortar operations.  In Austrian Gameware went as far as to say they would drop all Microsoft products from there stores.  The Game pass would create a new content bypass for software sellers.  Creating a diminishing return on the sale of Xbox products in brick and mortar operations. With Xbox’s current struggles to remain competitive with Sony’s every growing game library; alienating game sellers should be the last thing on their list. In Game Release news Sony among there over 30 title release has a noteworthy exclusive releases this month.  Shadow of the Colossus February 6th: shadow-of-the-colossus-ps4-remake-screenshots-4.png A remake by SIE Japan Studio and Team Ico of the 2005 PS2 game.  Unlike the PS3 re-mastered version, this game release is a fully remade game.  The Developer followed the same story and quest line, but built the graphics and artwork from the ground up.  This is a truly a remake to look forward to. There are a several cross platform title releases worth mentioning. Dynasty Warriors 9 Feb 13th: Dynasty-Warriors-9 The newest iteration of the Dynasty warriors franchise will release a week earlier in Japan.  The Developer Omega Force has introduced an open world style to the game allowing players to wander at will a map of China.  With a more interactive and vibrant environment.

Metal Gear Survive on the 20th:


Developed and published by Konami, and will be the 9th Metal Gear Game Strictly speaking in the non spin off lineage of the title.  Metal Gear Survive is a survival game set in open world, with three AI companions or there IRL friends, or some mixture of the two.  The game will require a constant connection to the internet, and will have micro transactions in game.

Indie Title Owlboy Feb 13th:


Owl Boy was developed by D pad studios starting in 2007 and was rolled out to PC in November of 2016.  This Release will be a multi-platform release across Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.  Upon Release in 2016 Owl Boy Received Critic Acclaim and has been an indie art style 2-D Game Favorite Since.

In the world of Xbox Releases we see a yet ever diminishing return of content.  Among Xbox 13 titles releasing this month, none are Xbox Exclusive.

That was all I found interesting in the world of Gaming this week.  Please feel free to let me know your thoughts with a comment, like, and follow.

Total Mage

*If you enjoy My content please like and follow to help support the website.  Thanks.


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