Month: February 2018

Gamer Weekly Episode#4

Hello, Please take a moment and subscribe to us on YouTube. We really appreciate the help.  This will be my fourth week in a row creating the Gamer weekly video series and article. I am […]

March 2018 Game Releases.

March is looking to be an excellent month for game releases. Bravo Team (PSVR) – March 6 Bravo team is set in Europe after the President of your country has been assassinated.  For PlayStation only […]

Which FPS Game Is The Best?

FPS games have rocked the video game market for the better half of two decades.  There have been so many made in such a range of styles it makes it a tough question.  If you […]

Digital Game Market Lowers The Price Long Term.

Steam is a robust, innovative, and responsive platform that has changed how we view, and purchase PC games as a whole. Does that intern mean this is good for the end user? Twenty years ago […]

Why I still Play Elder Scrolls Online.

Elder Scrolls Online is still a thing right? I still play it, and some days while infrequently I wonder why I continue to play. I believe there are two reasons why I still enjoy Elder […]