Will I play classic world of warcraft?

Should I play Classic World of Warcraft. I have taken the last year off from playing World of Warcraft and the coming launch of classic World of Warcraft servers has me tempted to resub in […]

Chris Quinn is an Idiot, stop blaming video games.

Tax The Violent Creating Video Games: Every three to six months the same story comes from some corner of the ignorant world that is American politics. Video games make children violent if you did not […]

Blizzard Lay Offs could be good for classic.

In the last year that I have been away from world of warcraft I have been watching the movement of WOW classic with disinterest at first and now with a small glimmer of hope.  The thing […]

Is Anthem EA’s final chapter?

As February 22nd draws closer and closer on the horizon tension and animosity around Anthem grows. Its coming demo release for the Press/VIP on the 25th through the 27th and for the plebs on the […]

Vanilla W.O.W a symptom.

I did not start my World Of Warcraft experience in vanilla.  I came several years later in the middle of Wrath, and have wonderful memories of WOW.  When the announcement was made to launch a […]

Video Game Content and Time Management.

I have been trying to piece together what creating content would look like for me. I know that last time I was making content I was working on a learning curve.  As time went on […]